Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mom's Homemade Lasagna

It was my 13th birthday, as I walked in from school the aroma met me at the door. Mom was always good about making my "special birthday dinner". I anxiously waited for her to yell, "Dinner time, wash up!" As she said those words, my stomach growled, my heart began to beat faster, I couldn't wait to taste the lasagna.

As mom cut the slices (mine always the biggest), you could see the steam carry the aroma off the table. As she used the spatula to lift the lasagna a small cheese trail was left behind, the higher she raised it the longer the trail got. "Make sure I get all my cheese," I said. The plate was garnished with a green salad and a slice of cheesy texas toast.

My mouth watered as I cut into my piece of lasagna, the sausage rolled and the ricotta cheese slid in between the noodles. I never could figure out how to keep all 5 layers together, but that didn't matter. I took that first bite and followed it with another, then another. Soon my piece of lasagna was gone, all that remained was smears of tomato sauce, half of the toast, and a few green leaves with ranch dressing.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is anything kept private?

As we advance in technology. we continue to be more involved in each others lives. We can use the bathroom, be on Facebook, talk on the phone, and stay connected with others all at the same time. This seems intrusive. Yes, some may say that we opt to be involved in these connecting networks, but it seems that we really have no choice.

Recently, in class we were asked to join this blog. This in itself is not problematic, however what does this say about the future. If we remember when we were younger we journalized everything. We (especially girls) would keep these journals in our possession at most times. These thoughts of our daily life were sacred. Our thoughts were "For our eyes only!" It seems that nowadays we can't wait to tell everyone what we think, what we are doing, and what are plans are for the day. My question: "Why do we care so much?"

Since when does it matter what Bob down the street is doing at 3 o'clock and again at 3:05? Don't get me wrong I am on Facebook and enjoy it (at times probably too much), I just don't understand why everyone needs to know what we are doing all the time.

I think that society as a whole needs to gain back the little privacy that we have. We need to understand that some things are better left unsaid, and kept secret!